A Dynamic Warm-Up is a series of exercises that help reduce the risk of injury before you exercise. Dynamic Warm-Up exercises will increase the range of motion in your joints, lengthen your muscles and tendons, while increasing circulation and oxygen to your tissue. These warm-ups should be performed before you exercise, and are useful for every type of physical activity – including jogging, working out at a gym, or practicing any sports related skills.

For example, if a runner is getting ready to begin his or her morning jog, they should do the exercises pictured below while walking to their starting spot. If they do, they will have increased circulation, increased tissue length, and will be stretched and ready for a run.

Ultimately, these exercises are beneficial to your body’s performance and will help you prevent injury. To learn more about dynamic warm-up exercises, or if you have questions about how to do them correctly, visit your PT at Endurance Physical Therapy. As always, we would be happy to help.

1. Heel Walk

heel walk

2. Quad Pull

quad pull

3. Toe Walk

toe walk

4. Tin Soldier

tin soldier

5. Front March

front march

6. Lunge


7. Heel Grab

heel grab

8. Butt Kick

butt kick