Diane and I attended a taping class this weekend and literally taped each other neck to toe. I’ll be honest, I have not really taken the time to understand the concept of kinesio taping because I have had such great results with McConnell taping techniques, but I kept an open mind.

There are three different types of taping: Rigid (athletic tape), Semi-Rigid Non-Elastic (Leukotape for McConnell taping), and Elastic (Kinesio tape). The purpose of athletic tape is to immobilize a joint and limit motion for injury prevention and protection. It is typically put on before an athletic event then taken off directly after. Semi-Rigid Non-Elastic, Leukotape, changes joint position, reduces pain and inflammation, and improves joint range of motion. Leukotape can be left on for 2-3 days and is water resistant. Elastic tape, Kinesio, has a stretching quality that mimics skin and will either inhibit or facilitate a muscle depending on how much you “pull it tight” and in what direction you apply it. It can also help reduce inflammation and calm a muscle and joint down and be worn 3-5 days, similarly to Leukotape.

Both Diane and I feel we have learned some very useful techniques and will be adding them to our manual therapy bag-o-tricks.

Heal to Live!

-M and D