We are back and just in time for a new year!

Endurance PT has undergone some big changes including a new website construction (connecting the blog to it… who thinks this stuff up, oh yeah, those smart media marketing people, thanks UplinkSpyder!). Also on the marketing front, our first official ad is playing on the digital board at YMCA in Eugene. We also teamed up with Willamette High School and have Wolverine T­shirts, with our logo on the back, being tossed out at the varsity basketball games this season.

There are a couple of new pieces of equipment in the EPT gym! After a week trial with a Shuttle leg press, we were sold. Aside from the obvious leg strengthening, the Shuttle is an amazing tool for ankle/foot rehab, core training, low resistance plyometrics, upper extremity and scapular stability training. This machine makes rehab very effective, but also, just plain fun!

We also purchased an elliptical machine, which is especially useful for our athletes who are chomping at the bit to start running again, but are not ready for the impact forces. Yes… less fun than the Shuttle… but handy to have around. We are all stocked up and ready for the new year!

It is time to make your health a priority and included it in your New Year’s Resolutions. That nagging shoulder pain that keeps you out of the pool or that knee pain that prevents you from hiking up Mt. Pisgah needs to be taken care of. We are excited to help people get rid of their pain and to become active again.

Please help us keep this blog active by posting topics/ideas you may have or things you would like to hear about.


Megan and Diane