Coming Soon: Post-Baby Return to Exercise Program!

Chelsea and I are very excited to start our new “Post-Baby Return to Exercise Program,” a program for women after they’ve had a sweet little addition to their family.

One thing that has been very concerning to us is how quickly women are released to full exercise with no transitional guidance, causing trauma to their pelvic floor that can lead to pelvic pain and low back pain.

This program is for women that have been cleared for exercise by their doctor at the 6-10 week post-natal check up.

Our program will offer an:

  • Internal Exam:
    • to assess the strength of the pelvic floor,
    • check for muscle guarding and scar tissue,
    • and assess for prolapse.
  • External Exam:
    • to evaluate the lumbar spine and pelvic complex,
    • and check for Diastasis Recti.

We have 4 phases (Initial, Intermediate, Pre-Sport, Return to Sport) to the Post-Baby Return to Exercise Program that will:

  • take you through the appropriate exercises,
  • instruct in proper body mechanics,
  • and talk with you about the do’s and don’ts of the stage of recovery your body is in after having your adorable baby!

We will be able to customize the exercises to what you are interested in and tailor the program to your goals. This is for all women that have had a baby, both Cesarean Section (C-section) and vaginal deliveries.

We are excited to help women safely transition back into exercise after having a baby!

Want to be notified when this program is available?

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