This year’s event helped support Girls on the Run, a nonprofit organization that puts together small teams of girls and teaches them life skills through activities and running games. It is an amazing way to help develop strength of body through exercise and fortitude of mind as well. The amount of courage and confidence the girls gain from a group like Girls on the Run is incredible. Diane and I are thrilled to support this organization and will continue to do so in the future.

The Winery Brunch event was held at beautiful Silvan Ridge Winery. The drive through the country alone was worth getting up early for. Apparently, Laura of Run Momma Run called the weather in…Gorgeous! We started the event with coffee (yay! It doesn’t take much to make me happy) and mingling with the 100 or so women that came out to enjoy the festivities. After a brief pep talk with Laura, the volunteers took their places along the route, so we wouldn’t get run over or lost (thank you Volunteers!). We took off for an hour and enjoyed the incredible view of the countryside, including one very playful horse that desperately wanted to jump the fence and run with us.. Upon returning, we had the most delicious mimosas and breakfast catered by Off the Waffle. While we completely negated our calorie expenditure from the run, Girls on the Run raffle winners were called to pick up some pretty cool goodies, including a little something from yours truly, EPT.

The event wrapped up with wine tasting and an inspirational talk from Jill Mestler. There was a heartening discussion about how moms and busy women juggle crazy schedules and children, but are still able to squeeze in Me-Time to run and exercise. She spoke about her experience with Girls on the Run and being a Middle School track coach, and the opportunity that affords her to positively influence girls in a very pivotal point of their lives. Jill also managed to encourage us (after we were ready to explode from waffles and wine) by talking about how she does crunches during commercials, squats while making dinner, and heel raises when brushing her teeth! In other words, no excuses and get moving!

Diane and I had an amazing time with some fascinating women and are super jazzed to return next year!

Check out the Girls on the Run website and give them some support Girls on the Run. Also take a peek at the Run Momma Run site for upcoming events! You might even spot us in a couple of pictures…although, we were running so fast it might be a little blurry.

Heal to Live!

Megan and Diane