About Us

As told by Megan, the blogger of Endurance Physical Therapy (EPT). Diane will be throwing in quick bits and all ideas will be from both of us, however, I will be the primary narrator.

Diane and I met 8 years ago and have worked together ever since. We are known for our crazy antics and challenges for each other.

Me: Diane, we should run together.

Diane: The only way you would see me running is if I were being chased!

Next thing you know we are running 1/2 marathons and continually pushing each other.  Luckily, Diane doesn’t mind my incredibly encouraging outbursts to “keep going; no stopping!” (insert sarcasm here). You will most likely see one or both of us in many of the Eugene/Springfield events.

Diane: Megan, come rock climbing with me.

Me: Uh…that sounds dangerous.

We are now regulars at the Crux and The Columns in Eugene and I am working up the courage for more intense outdoor climbing. Apparently I feel fine riding horses, but the idea of reaching up on a climb and grabbing a snake really freaks me out!

Me: Diane, let’s do the Surf Camp through the Eugene Parks and Rec.

Diane: Is it during Shark Week?

Surfing is now on the agenda as much as we can get over to the coast. And yes, that is the Oregon Coast, because we are hard core and everyone knows that sharks can’t bite through the magical shield of  full-body wet suits, right?

Don’t even get me started on the knitting. We (when I say “we” I mean mostly Diane) get crazy with the knitting during the Holidays! If you stop by, you may even see our felted “clinic slippers” that we wear at lunch.

The Story of Endurance Physical Therapy

It all began at Sweet Life (Yum!) after an epic rock climbing day while enjoying an Affogato (for those who are not as enthusiastic about coffee as we are, that is ice cream with a shot of espresso dumped over it).

Megan: Diane, we should open our own physical therapy clinic.

Diane: I think you have had too much espresso (as if that is possible!).

The next day we got started on our business plan and 6 months later Endurance was born.

We now own and practice within our own company and are loving every minute of it!

We came up with the name “Endurance” because everything we enjoy doing together requires endurance, whether, we are running, surfing, or rock climbing. We also feel that endurance is required in every aspect of the healing process, both physically and psychologically, to fully return to active lifestyles.

We are jazzed about what we do and truly enjoy helping people get back their quality of life.