Dynamic Warm Up for Cold Weather Activities

As the weather gets colder it can be hard to motivate ourselves to get outside to exercise. Exercising outside has great benefits including improved mood by getting natural sunlight and vitamin D, improved cardiovascular endurance and enjoying nature. It is even more important to do a thorough warm up during the winter months to reduce the risk of injury such as sprains and tears. A dynamic warm up routine helps to increase blood circulation throughout the body, prime the muscles for movement and raise our heart rate for the activity ahead.

Here is a full body dynamic warm up routine to prepare you for your walk, run, or winter sport session outside! This should take about 5-10 minutes to complete. You can perform this inside your home before heading out, or outside on a sidewalk or path. Those who participate in high-intensity outdoor sports may want to include additional movements that imitate the activity you will be performing.

Warm Up

  1. Walking Knee to Chest (20 ft)
  2. Walking Butt Kicks (20 ft)
  3. Walking Lunges (20 ft)
  4. Side Lunges (10 per leg)
  5. Arm Circles (Forward and Backward, 20x each direction)
  6. Jumping Jacks (20x)

Walking Knee to Chest

Walking Butt Kicks

Walking Lunges

Side Lunges

Arm Circles

Jumping Jacks

Winter Exercise Spotlight: Snowshoeing

Whether you’ve been interested in trying out snowshoeing for the first time or are a regular, here are some spots to check out this winter!

Gold Lake Sno Park

Only an hour and 15 minutes from Eugene, Gold Lake Sno Park is very popular! It has a good network of trails and a large parking lot which can fill up quickly on sunny weekends. There are two areas to explore. The first crosses highway 58 from the parking lot and follows the wide gradual trail up to Gold Lake. The second stays on the same side as the parking lot and provides access to trails that lead to an overlook of Odell Lake. Both areas are very pretty so you can’t go wrong! Link to map

Ray Benson Sno Park

Although a little further from Eugene, Ray Benson Sno Park is popular as it offers snowshoe trails, cross-country trails and snowmobile trails, which are all marked with different colored blazes. The parking lot and access can be a little more crowded because of this and the proximity to Hoodoo Ski Area. There are several shelters such as Brandenburg Shelter that you can stop at for a snack break. There is enough space for several people to relax on the benches and a wood stove to keep you warm. The best part of this area is the view you get of Three Fingered Jack which is amazing on a clear winter day! Link to map

Crater Lake

Although three and a half hours from Eugene, Crater Lake is a great option for those who want to venture out a little further. Crater Lake is beautiful in the winter on a sunny clear day. In the past the ranger station has led 2 hour snowshoe tours but this year they are not being offered due to visitor center and restroom renovations.

Potato Hill Sno Park

If you pass by Potato Hill Sno park you might see a lot of families and young children sledding down the hill. If you continue up the trail it’ll lead you to a great view of multiple Cascade peaks! Link to map

Rosary Lakes

The Rosary Lakes trailhead can be accessed from Willamette Pass Ski Resort. This trail will lead you to Lower, Middle, and North Rosary Lake. Link to map