We are huge fans of yoga! Yoga is a dynamic fitness option that benefits your mind and body. There are countless variations of yoga, based on skill level and intensity, but as with all exercise forms, you can push too much, too fast. If you’re just starting out with yoga, it’s a good idea to understand yoga safety, and how to ease into the more difficult poses.

Our Yoga Safety Tips

Take the Right Class

You may be tempted to sign up for a challenging Vinyasa flow or hot yoga class, but we don’t recommend starting there. The classes for beginners will teach you the basics, allowing you to understand form and body placement before immersing you into challenging poses and sequences. By attempting the more advanced classes right away, you may feel overwhelmed or discouraged. Additionally, you could cause an injury.

Listen to Your Body

As a beginner, you may feel the need to keep up with the instructor or other people in the class. Do not feel pressured to do a pose or push yourself too far. If something doesn’t feel right, give yourself a break. Ask the teacher for a modification of the pose or simply relax until you feel like you can participate again.

Drink Plenty of Water

Some people may think of yoga as a less strenuous form of exercise, meaning staying hydrated isn’t as important. It’s just the opposite! During yoga, your muscles are working non-stop, and in combination with breathing, drinking water is very important. Bring a water bottle to class and keep it by your mat.

Consider Your Environment

Yoga can be therapeutic, but if you’re stressed out about your surroundings, you’ll have a hard time relaxing. If you plan on taking a class, visit ahead of time and check out the space. If you don’t enjoy exercising in a group setting, seek an individual session with an experienced yoga instructor. There are many options for getting the instruction you need.

Talk to Your Doctor and/or PT

If you have had an injury in the past or you’re working through a chronic pain condition, speak with your doctor or physical therapist about whether or not yoga is right for you. He or she may suggest certain poses you should avoid and other tips for not aggravating your injury.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! We would be happy to help you find the type of yoga and/or other exercise option that is right for you.