women's health treatment

Care for Women

Women’s health treatment can be a hard topic to bring up for some people. Unfortunately, this often results with women everywhere coping with constant discomfort or pain and believing there is no way out. What most women don’t know is: physical therapy techniques can be used to heal and improve common conditions – they are more common than you think! There are many dysfunctions in the pelvis that contribute to bladder, bowel, sexual health, discomfort, and pain symptoms.

You don’t have to live with persistent pain, let us show you our techniques to care for women!

women's health treatment

Pelvic Evaluation

Our evaluation involves your Pelvic Floor, which includes several layers of muscles that line the pelvic cavity. The muscles are located between the pubic bone and the tailbone. The function of the Pelvic Floor is to support the spine, pelvis, internal organs, control the bladder and bowel muscles, and enhance sexual appreciation.

An external observation helps us to identify:

  • contraction and relaxation techniques
  • trigger points and muscle spasms
  • significant weakness and/or severe organ prolapse

An internal examination helps us to identify:

  • muscle symmetry, strength, length, tone, and contraction/relaxation ability
  • myofascial restrictions and organ prolapse

Common Conditions Include:

  • Urinary Incontinence Stress
    • Urge, and/or Overactive Bladder
    • Voiding difficulties
  • Pregnancy and Post-Partum Pain and Related Conditions
    • Trauma, C-Section, scarring, pain
    • Pelvic Floor weakness and/or restriction
    • Lumbar/Pelvis dysfunctions
  • Muscoskeletal Conditions
    • Pubic pain/dysfunction
    • Coccyx or tailbone pain
  • Pelvic Pain Conditions
women's health treatment


Once the evaluation is complete, a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan will be established.


Treatment techniques can include:

Manual Therapy: scar and soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, strain counter-strain, muscle energy.
Education: bladder retraining/behavioral strategies and pelvic floor strengthening and/or relaxation.
Therapeutic Exercise: core strengthening, Kegels, and spinal stability exercises.

Contact us to find out if our specified care for women is right for you.